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Should I start practising restraint?

Getting through the last few months of winter in a house without heating and old single paned windows has not been conducive to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As we sat above the bay with south westerlies, gales and sea mists for company, a diet of lettuce leaves and litres of water gave way to comforting roasts, chocolate and copious amounts of red wine!

HM Queen Elizabeth practises restraint

HM The Queen, as she celebrates her 90th birthday, has spurred me out of my lethargy and into action. Through all the three course lunches and formal state dinners the hard working Queen is never far from temptation but she practises the old adage of restraint. Eating small amounts and enjoying simple, seasonal food. Her generation, having endured rationing and scarcity of food during and after the war years, learnt the meaning of frugality and the ethos of ‘all things in moderation’. Where as now we are bombarded with heaving supermarket shelves, glossy recipes and irresistible instagram images all enticing us to eat, cook, eat.

On the whole, The Queen’s diet is fairly carbohydrate free. She enjoys meals of grilled chicken or fish served with two vegetables or salad. She starts her day with a light breakfast and always takes afternoon tea. She is considered a pioneer of more recent food trends, insisting on seasonal food and local ingredients.

My plan to use some restraint

So with summer knocking at the door, tomorrow I start my new regime, restraint. No roast potatoes, gravy, sticky toffee pudding but instead my roast chicken will be accompanied by fresh local asparagus with a light mousseline sauce.

Until then I’m off to finish the chocolates, “Waste not, want not” and all that! Though I might want to hold back a little …


 Do you practise restraint? If so I’d love to hear your tips.

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