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Every girl and woman is beautiful in her own individual way, it’s not about whether she’s skinny or tanned, the important thing is that she feels good about herself.

I’d love people to love how they look now. All women should love themselves, actually we’re all pretty awesome the way we are!

New online boutique ‘Gracie Blue’ is sincere about this ethos. Her customer is your best friend, your sister and the girl next door. Her models are pretty, natural and happy looking girls having fun and you can imagine yourself wearing the clothes alongside them. The images haven’t been edited or tweaked and the natural looking shots reveal an approachable relaxed look.


Launched very recently, at the end of May, and already gaining quite a following, this Jersey based company is a breath of fresh air. I met Emma, the founder, this week and we chatted about her plans for Gracie Blue and her exciting venture. Coming from a social media background, Emma is keen to engage with her customers and offer a personal and friendly feel to the brand whilst being committed to giving a great online service. It’s all in the detail, with the provenance of the products as important as the beautiful packaging.

Our range has a cool sleek and simple elegance with a beachy undertone.


The clothing and jewellery ranges are handpicked and chosen for their ‘beachy’ casual vibe but plans to collaborate with other designers will see Gracie Blue constantly evolving. The price range is affordable and make for perfect gifts for your friends, family and even a present for yourself.

Jersey is such a great place to live and work, one can’t help but be inspired. The moment we arrived on the island we realised that this was a very special place for us.



As a great supporter of business start ups, I was delighted to see the enthusiasm and drive that is behind Gracie Blue and we look forward to seeing and hearing a lot more.

Go to to see the lovely products.

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