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  • Coco Chanel in a breton top

    Breton Stripes rule the waves

    Breton stripes are a perennial favourite and this season they’re taking centre stage on the catwalks once more. The Breton is a wardrobe staple, I personally have a fair few lurking…

  • Emilio_pucci_skirt

    Event dressing: How to avoid a double up.

    With the run up to Christmas invitations come thick and fast, this leads to the question on every woman’s lips, ‘What to wear?’ Within a small island like Jersey and with…

  • Examples of the clothing range from Gracie Blue

    Gracie Blue

    Every girl and woman is beautiful in her own individual way, it’s not about whether she’s skinny or tanned, the important thing is that she feels good about herself. I’d love…