What beauty advice would you give your younger self?

There is beauty in ageing, the wisdom we gain from years of trial and error, time spent getting to know our skin have all helped to achieve the ageless beauty in us all. I think for most women our skincare routine is a constant evolution.

Lancome advice

Lancôme are on a mission to help women love their age, to feel confident in their own skin with the right skincare. At Voisins, here in Jersey, the campaign is in full swing. I spoke to Lancôme consultant Lynn Marshall who has been asking her customers what they would tell their younger selves.

“Keep my face out of the sun.”

“Use an eye cream and to drink loads of water.”

“To take my make up off at night and stay off sun beds.”

“Stop using make up wipes.”

“To not smoke.”

Lancome advice from clients

I remember being whisked in to the very same store at the age of sixteen by my Aunt who had taken it upon herself to introduce me to the secrets of skincare. I was taught how to cleanse, tone and moisturise and this life lesson I have been evermore grateful for and have religiously maintained a skincare ritual (with a few exceptions) ever since.

What do you wish you’d known when you were young and reckless?  Summers spent lying in the sun, unprotected and basted in olive oil, trying to get as brown as possible, late nights smoking and drinking to excess, getting up with the previous night’s make up still on and just adding more, we’ve all done it.

Knowing what we know now, and faced with that annoying ‘hindsight’ what would you advise your younger self?

Personally I hate having my picture taken, but someone recently said to me, ’Look back at photos taken of yourself at different ages and remember how you felt at the time, now years later you see that younger self and wonder why you worried.’ The pressure to be perfect, forget it and enjoy your youth. The French have a saying, ‘Bien dans sa peau’ it’s about feeling your best, and being comfortable in your own skin.

Lancome counter at Voisins

At night, try Lancôme’s Génifique Night Repair. Get at least seven hours sleep and as the French advocate, sleep on your back to avoid wrinkles.

Every morning, apply Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum all over your face for radiant and smooth skin, followed by Génifique Eye-Light Pearl to illuminate your eyes.

Always protect your skin with a moisturiser or foundation containing SPF.  With anti-aging we focus mostly on our face, but don’t forget about your neck and chest. Moisturise, protect and treat your décolletage as this skin is just as important.

Lastly, wear sunglasses to avoid squinting and avoid those crow’s feet.

Lancome campaign

Be proud of your age!

Helen Mirren for Lancome

Visit the Lancôme counter in Voisins for a free sample and have a chat with Lynn Marshall.

What have you learnt about skincare over the years?

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