A brief introduction to Jersey

map of jersey

Often referred to as the sunniest, southernmost part of the United Kingdom, Jersey, as the largest of the Channel Islands, is a very special place. It’s uniqueness is like no other island, and anyone who visits finds it’s charms irresistible.

The island lies just twelve nautical miles from the coast of France and though it keeps it’s French nuances, has an English feel. With the local patois, Jèrriais, not unlike Norman French and the roads all having french names, however, the currency is sterling and cars drive on the left, admittedly with a speed limit of only 40mph. Jersey, though a Crown dependency, is self-governing and has its’ own financial, legal and judicial systems.

Forty eight miles of stunning coastline, beautiful sandy beaches, craggy coves and crystal clear waters along with rugged cliffs make for spectacular vistas upon every turn. Fishing ports, napoleonic forts and impressive castles lie interspersed with pretty bays and some of the best surfing on the atlantic coast along with plenty of other watersports on offer. With some of the largest tidal flows in the world beachcombing is a must.

Farming has long been associated with the island, famous for it’s dairy products and potatoes, Jersey Royals, along with an abundance of the freshest seafood imaginable.

Winding country lanes dotted with traditional granite farmhouses encompass fields of green with picturesque Jersey cows grazing nonchalantly in the warm sunshine. White washed fisherman’s cottages, art deco inspired buildings and contemporary beach style houses sit nestled in-between castles and Napoleonic towers.

A foodies paradise, there are three restaurants awarded with Michelin stars along with numerous others offering a wide range of culinary delights all within the almost 45 square miles that is the island.

The main town of St Helier with it’s bustling vibrant streets offering a good range of shopping along with a busy nightlife. Festivals, events and a broad spectrum of the arts keep the islanders and visitors alike entertained throughout the year.

Come and visit soon.

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