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10 Questions with Claire from The Busy Queen Bee

Putting the customer at the heart of your business is a concept that many companies fail to grasp, Claire Boscq-Scott has developed a range of services that will help you do just that. A woman who speaks so passionately about what she does and who is inspiring businesses around the island to thrive.

Inspiring businesses to deliver better service, understanding and knowing their customers, mystery shopping, all helping to facilitate business to change and move forward.

Connecting through speed buzzing, networking and referrals all leading towards helping your business to grow.

The Busy Queen Bee

The Busy Queen Bee uses the analogy of a hive to get her message across. “The Bees’ incredible efficient work ethic shows how it relates to every part of our businesses.” As Claire says, “Beehives are fascinating, well-oiled machines and when you are seriously looking at the running of the Hive it would be impossible to miss that “Successful” businesses are following the same principles.”

We met for a coffee at El Tico and I asked Claire what all the buzz was about …

  • Firstly, how long have you been in Jersey?

“I first came to the island for a summer season twenty three years ago and spent the next few summers here with winters working in skiing resorts. Then followed by a year working at the Epcot Centre, at the Walt Disney World Resort in America, which is where I first became aware of the importance of customer service. After a period living in England I came back here sixteen years ago to run the St Brelade’s Bay Hotel, worked at The Royal Yacht Hotel and then finally at L’Horizon. I have been here on the island ever since.”

  •  What prompted you to set up the business?

“I realised that there was a big gap in the market for measuring customer service, so I decided to have a complete change of lifestyle, left my job, started up and never looked back. Best thing I’ve ever done! It’s been a great journey, growing the business in different directions. People are really starting to realise the power they have to give their employees.”

  • Did you have a fear of public speaking?

“Because I worked in hospitality and my Dad had a restaurant I’ve always had a connection with people. This is my platform I want to go out and inspire people to give good service, talk about networking. It’s all about knowing your story and having the confidence to tell it. The speed buzzing events that I’ve set up, are a bit like speed dating, it kind of forces you into doing it. Having to speak to that person for only two minutes helps as the more you do the more confident you become.”

  • How do you find networking in Jersey compared to the mainland?

“Actually I haven’t really done anything in the UK. When I started, mystery shopping was such a new and specific business, it took a lot of networking and explaining about it. It’s just believing in what you are doing, people will like you for who you are. We work very closely with the Parish of St Helier, it’s about building relationships. A small island as we are, if we work together we can build great things together.”

  • What are your frustrations and exhilarations in doing business in Jersey?

“Frustrations, when people use outside businesses, UK companies to do services when there are very good, very professional, very efficient businesses over here that can do the same thing even cheaper and better, that’s very frustrating. We say ‘Buy local ‘ we should do the same for businesses, it’s about work as a community together. I just love the buzz, I love buzzing around, connecting with people and with each other.”

  • You have just published your first book, how did you find the process of writing and publishing?

“I’ve done everything online. It’s been three years in the making and this year I just needed to finish it. The idea of the book was to put the analogy of the beehive into a business context and also having the ten steps to excellent customer service.”

  • What is your favourite thing to do and place to be in Jersey?

    “Spending time with the kids is what I love to do at weekends when I have time, walking along St Ouen’s beach.”

  • What do you like to do in your spare time, though being a busy bee that is probably something you don’t have much of?

“I’ve been told lately that I’m working too much, so that’s bit of a wake up call. I’m so passionate about what I do, it’s not work for me, I love what I do. I have fantastic friends here, so spending a bit more time with them is the best.”

  • How do you see Jersey in the future as regards to business?

“I’m actually franchising my business, I have recently signed a franchise deal in Guernsey, so that’s so exciting. The next stage will be to find a ‘Jersey Queen bee’ to take over the Jersey operation and I want to start creating little hives on different islands. I’m looking at Malta, Cyprus, Tenerife, every island given the tools and the processes, to have their own hives.  I see Jersey growing the digital business and we need to push tourism as Jersey is such an amazing place.”

  • Where do you see The Busy Queen Bee in five years time?

“Hopefully going global and buzzing around. I love inspiring people, when you start your own business, it’s such a scary thought but to become a director of your own hive with a franchise you have the support, it’s such a fabulous model.”

Finally, do you have an inspirational quote for our readers?

“Always find ways to buzz”

Claire’s book ‘Thrive with the Hive’ “a practical guide to service excellence with lessons from nature’s most powerful business organisation, is now available from WHSmith and Waterstones in Jersey

Thrive with the Hive

Visit the website for more details  www.thebusyqueenbee.com

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